Thursday, April 13th from 5:20 – 5:50 PM in Salon E&F

TERMIS-AM Thematic Working Interest Groups (TWIGs) Organizational Meeting

GET INVOLVED! We invite all of our conference registrants to attend the TWIGs Organizational Meeting that will be held after the WFIRM Young Investigator Awards Presentations. We will be discussing the purpose of TWIGs and how to get involved. TWIGs are a great way to participate more directly in TERMIS-AM within thematic areas that align with your research interests. TWIGs help organize and chair conference sessions, as well as host special events. It is also an excellent leadership opportunity within this professional society for members of all stages. For further information on TWIG areas and leadership:

All registrants of the conference are encouraged to attend the TWIGs Organizational Meetings.

The objectives of the TWIGs are: 

  1. to give all members of TERMIS-AM an opportunity to participate more directly in the life of the society 
  2. to provide support for programming in specific domains – this is important as the society grows in numbers of members and breadth of topics 
  3. to provide an opportunity to learn the workings of a professional society with the goal of readying talented, motivated individuals for leadership roles in TERMIS-AM and TERMIS Global 
  4. to address new and emerging areas impacting tissue engineering and provide a platform to introduce these areas into our meeting 

The list of TWIGs and their respective officers.

Ruogang Zhao, Chair

Bioreactors & Organs-on-Chips
Pedro Costa, Chair
Julio Aleman, Vice-Chair

Brandon Tefft, Chair
Feng Zhao, Vice-Chair
Postdoc Rep: Marcel Munoz
Student Rep: Bahram Mirani
Commercialization & Regulation
Michael Francis, Chair

Dental & Craniofacial
Alejandro Almarza, Chair
Samer Zaky, Secretary
Elizabeth Smith, SYIS Representative
Fatima Syed Picard, Communications

Imaging and Assessment
Marcella Vaicik, Chair
Mrignayani Kotecha, Vice-Chair

Sarah Greising, Chair
Lisa Larkin, Vice-Chair
Eileen Yuhan Su, SYIS Representative

Neural & Spine
Adele Doyle, Stephanie Seidlits and Nisha Iyer, Co-Chairs

Kapil Bharti, Chair 
Budd Tucker, Vice-Chair

Respiratory, Urologic & Gastrointestinal
Andreas Kaasi, Chair
Riccardo Gottardi, Vice-Chair
Anirudha Singh, Secretary 
Soheila Ai Akbari Ghavimi & William Oalley Water, SYIS

Scaffolds, Matrices, and Biomaterials
Golnaz Karoubi, Chair
Aidan MacAdam, Vice-Chair
Alex Ross, Secretary
Amanda Juraski, SYIS Representative

Skin, Wound Healing, and Inflammation
Hasan Erbil Abaci, Chair
Helena Zomer, Co-Chair
Alberto Pappalardo, SYIS Co-Chair

Stem Cells & Cell Therapies & Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling
Nasim Annabi, Chair